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Pension Wise

Citizens Advice is providing face to face appointments as part of the free and impartial Government Pension Wise service. You can book an appointment with one of our guidance specialists if you are:

  • Over 50 and
  • Have a defined contribution pension. This is a pension based on how much you and possibly your employer paid into your pot ? not a final salary pension.

In your appointment, the guidance specialist will:

  • explain your pension options
  • explain tax
  • discuss which options might be suitable for you
  • give you tips on what you can do next

Afterwards you will receive a letter with a summary of what was talked about.

Pension Wise guidance specialists are impartial ? they don’t recommend any products or companies and won’t tell you how to invest your money.
To get free, confidential and impartial guidance on your pension options call 0300 138 3944. Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting

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